"Teenage Machine Age" full show preview
Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 09:33PM
ryan heshka

With the exception of a few smaller images I am working on, here is the complete "Teenage Machine Age" preview.

The show opens March 7th, 2013 at the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea; Milan, Italy.

For inquiries on size and availability, please contact Chiara or Aloisia at the gallery:





"Sensational Future Pleasures":



"Fashion Police Adventure":



"Your Beauty is a Lie!":



"Dashboard Dream":



"Electro Pleasure Lounge":



"Midget Vampire Comics":




"Mystery Carpet":




"Fashion Police Exchange":



"Our Spring Line":


detail 1:


detail 2:


detail 3:



 "Chemical X Factory":




"Hearts of Mystery":



"Sound Pirates Beware!":




"The First Remote Control":



"New X-Ray Surprise Novelty":



"Track 77":



"Four-Dimensional Abduction":




"Fantom Wig":



"No. 29":



"Luxuries of the Past":

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