"Romance of Canada" solo show
Monday, March 9, 2015 at 01:23PM
ryan heshka

I am pleased to announce that my new solo show, "Romance of Canada", opens at the Antonio Colombo Gallery in Milan, Italy on March 26th.  The show will run until May 23rd.

After taking about a year off from personal painting, this work represents some of my most detailed and involved pieces to date.  Oils, gouache and acrylics make up this reimagining of my native land, distorting cliches as well as creating new mythology.  

A partial preview of the show is posted below.  For a complete show preview and information, please contact the gallery:

email: info@colomboarte.com

website:  www.colomboarte.com

or email me at ryanheshka@telus.net


 "Canadian Military", gouache on vintage paper, 22 x 31"


 "Hockey Widow", oil on wood panel in vintage frame, 11 x 13"


 "Red Beaver Bandit", acrylic on board, 5.5 x 7.5"


 "Masters of the Man Dogs", acrylic on wood panel in vintage frame, 22 x 27" 


 "The Floral Entity", oil on paper, 11 x 14"


 "Canadien Home Movies", acrylic on board, 2.75 x 4"


"Blue Birds", oil on wood panel in vintage frame, 9.5 x11.5"

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