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New children's book: "Welcome to Monster Town"

$15.99 US / $18.99 CND 32p, 9.5" x 10.5" Hardcover 
Barnes and Nobles

As soon as the sun sets on Monstertown, creatures of all kinds go to work. So hop on the Ghoul Bus and see for yourself who inhabits this ghoulish town. Dr. Cyclops, Postmaster Skeleton, Frank N. Stein, Dr. Mummy, Captain Witch, and many other monster friends – including a junior monster-in-training – will welcome you with open arms!

"Perfectly pitched for Halloween read-alouds."
– Booklist

Halloween Book: ABC Spook Show

The original soft cover edition is SOLD OUT. The new hard cover version can be purchased on Amazon here.

$12.95 US / $15.95 CND, 58 pages, 6" x 6"

From Apparitions to Zombies, Ryan Heshka's ABC Spookshow brings together weird words and creepy characters to create one devilishly entertaining alphabet book. A Witch stirs her caldron, casting evil spells, while a pig moans in pain from too much Yucky candy. A Quagmire monster rises from the dead while an Unlucky black cat lies squashed and still, the last of its nine lives gone. With eerie, pop-art illustrations reminiscent of old comics and monster movies, this book is a must-have for readers young and old who relish the uncanny and macabre.