"OURS" show posted

Below is the entire "OURS" show, shown in its final vintage-framed format.  Hope you enjoy the images.

For availability, prices and inquiries about the artwork, please contact:

Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea





"Cannibals of the Stone Age":


"3-Dimensional Bi-Polar Robot Telephone Girl":


"Cult Life":


"Entomological Somnambulism":


"Frog Wife's Bad Day":


"Future Hockey Movies":


"Invisible Wave":


"Look ... Learn":


"Nothing Like Amphenol":


"Medicated Robot":


"Mystery Twins":


"Organ Robbery":




"Please Hold":


"Radio, Drugs and Money":


"Now! Secret Delivery":


"Soft Bubbles":




"You Have Ghosts":


"A Mysterious Odor":


"The End":


"Seafood Revolt":


sneak preview

Here's a couple of new images from the upcoming solo show... 






I'll be releasing a new print through the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, in conjunction with the solo show.

The print is a catalogue cover image that I created for Antonio's bicycle manufacturing company, Cinelli (also based out of Milan).  Entitled "Modern New Bicycle", the signed and numbered giclee print is limited to an edition of 50, with an image size of 11 x 14".  

Please contact the gallery at  for inquiries.



Speaking of Italy...

... My first European solo show will open on March 22nd, 2012, at the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea (Milan, Italy).

The show, inspired by the mysteries of childhood discovery, will consist of small paintings all framed in vintage frames, and one LARGE complex piece that will anchor the show.  The small scale of the pieces is in keeping with childhood objects: trading cards, comic books, toys, etc.

The show is tentatively called "OURS", and a preview of the title piece appears below.

For inquiries about the show and the work, please contact Antonio Colombo at

Stay tuned for further news and images about the show.



Bologna art first

This weekend marks my first appearance in an international art fair, as Bologna Art First opens this Friday (running from January 27 to 30th) in Italy.

Antonio Colombo of the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea (Milan, Italy) asked me to be a part of his booth this year.  In addition to European artists, Mr. Colombo will feature a handful of North American artists, including my two favorite Gary's, Taxali and Baseman.

Two new pieces (designed as one continuous piece), painted specifically for the fair, appear below.

For more info, please visit:

 or contact Antonio Colombo at