Two Group Shows

I am currently in two shows, and thrilled to be in both:

"Northern Lights" at the Rotofugi Gallery (Chicago, IL) from July 6th to August 4th.  A showcase of Canadian artists, featuring Gary Taxali and Mark Pilon among others.  There are still two of my four pieces available.


Opening tonight at the Tony Folliard Gallery (Milwaukee, WI), "The Beast Within: Images of Animals In Tattoo and Contemporary Art" curated by Fred Stonehouse.  The show runs from July 12th and August 31st, featuring artists handpicked by Mr. Stonehouse himself.  Fred is one of my favorite artists EVER, and it is a real honor to have been selected by him to appear in this show.


"other worlds" group show

The "Other Worlds" group show opens this Thursday at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, WA.  It runs from June 6th to July 27th, in the new gallery space on 532 1st Avenue S.

For more info and the artist line up, go to the Roq La Rue website.




HEY! Magazine

Recently, the good folks at Hey! Magazine (based out of Paris) interviewed me for the 13th issue of their publication.  I had the pleasure of meeting them in person in March, just as issue was being released.  Thanks Zoe, Loig and Damien!

The magazine is beautifully designed, and features (as have all of their issues) some outstanding artists, many of which are new to me.

Check out their website at



three more images...

... from "Teenage Machine Age".


"Magic Mystic Brain":



"Women of Dept. X":



"Winter Hive Magazine":


"Teenage Machine Age" full show preview

With the exception of a few smaller images I am working on, here is the complete "Teenage Machine Age" preview.

The show opens March 7th, 2013 at the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea; Milan, Italy.

For inquiries on size and availability, please contact Chiara or Aloisia at the gallery:



"Sensational Future Pleasures":



"Fashion Police Adventure":



"Your Beauty is a Lie!":



"Dashboard Dream":



"Electro Pleasure Lounge":



"Midget Vampire Comics":




"Mystery Carpet":




"Fashion Police Exchange":



"Our Spring Line":


detail 1:


detail 2:


detail 3:



 "Chemical X Factory":




"Hearts of Mystery":



"Sound Pirates Beware!":




"The First Remote Control":



"New X-Ray Surprise Novelty":



"Track 77":



"Four-Dimensional Abduction":




"Fantom Wig":



"No. 29":



"Luxuries of the Past":